1. Measure your face

Use this chart to understand how to pick the values, based on your face and bridge width (measured at eye level).

The values you get are suggested combinations of lens diameter and frame thickness.

If you have a pair of glasses that fits well, you can easily take measurement from them.

– Pick lenses with the same diameter or  between + e – 3 mm

 – Pick a bridge width the same width or between + e – 2 mm

Bridge height is just an aesthetic parameter instead, so choose what you like best!


2. Choose the shape and size you like

Use the editor in the homepage to design your own Frame.

You can pick the dimensions you prefer and then have fun with the shapes of the custom components.

If you want to create your personal shape we also got you covered! Please visit the page Hack the circle of this website to get more info.


3. Download the files

After you created the combination of pieces you like, just scroll down on the editor menu to the download buttons. You can download the stl files of every piece, already in printing position.

Please note that joints tolerance is set at 0.15, which worked well for me using FDM printing. If you’re going to use another technology you may need to vary it.


4. Print your model

Here you can check all the parameters that were set to print the prototypes you see on this website.

If you don’t know where to print it, try looking for a service on 3D Hubs.


5. Assembly

Your Frame is almost ready! Just assembly the pieces together and you’re set!